Monday, July 6, 2009

Who is loving BlazBlue?

In honor of BlazBlue being so awesome I am going to present a cool picture of Taokaka I found on Pixiv. Taokaka's face is kinda cute, haha...

Pyscho Dream (Super Famicom) Review

I have began to collect SNES and Super Famicom games again. I won Psycho Dream off eBay recently and had to share this awesome game by reviewing it. The game is 2-D action with the player choosing a cloaked warrior named Ryo or a dominatrix woman named Maria. They seem to be on some mission to rescue a woman named Saya; but there is little plot to be found outside the opening credits.
The game has several stages spanning a subway, highways, and mutated organic areas. The two playable characters have unique abilities with a power up system consisting of either a gun or melee upgrade. Ryo ultimately becomes more powerful with his sword as Maria gains butterfly wings and shoots homing bullets. I am partial to Maria since her wings allow her to glide in the air and she just looks cooler.
Enemies are generally boring blobs or tenacle things; but the bosses are usually cool with descent sprite work. The game is for the most part fairly simple, and unlimited continues enable even the worse players to eventually win the game. The game is short and be can be completed in roughly under two hours. One warning goes for the final boss however. The giant 2 screen spanning creature is very cheap and makes up for all of the difficulty the game lacked in other areas.
The graphics are merely ok...the game was released in 1992, but other titles like Super Castlevania blow this one out of the water. One particularly bad part of this title is the music. The music is bland or just annoying in most spots...the only stand out track is the final boss music, it is haunting and oddly fitting. Avoid the music if possible by just playng your own tunes.
As many gripes as I have, the game is pretty fun. It is an obscure title I believe few have ever heard of. The game was released only in Japan, so be prepared for the little bit of story in the game to be in Japanese. If you see this old title on eBay or the like don't hesitant to add it to your collection.

  • Psycho Dream was to be published in America at one point as Dream Probe, however the title was never released.
  • The creators of Psycho Dream, Riot, are also responsible for similar title ,Valis, on Sega Genesis
  • Gamplay video

Vanguard Princess- Fun and Freeware

Here is a surprisingly cool freeware game called Vanguard Princess. The game reminds me of Arcana Heart, as the animation and art are very high quality! Apparently it was made by an ex- Capcom employee as well. Beware it is very moe.