Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Ideas for Christmas 2011

It's that time of year again. People flock in droves to buy gifts for Christmas and spend all their hard earned cash to please loved ones and friends. It can be tough to think of gifts for fellow nerds, but fear not, I will help a bit. Here some ideas for your beloved geek or geeks...

Console Games

  It is hard to imagine Skyrim being a bad pick for any gamer. It is one of the most beautiful and in-depth games ever made. Even the Japanese praised it with Famitsu giving a perfect score, a rare feat for a Western RPG. This game provides hundreds of hours on content and endless customization. If you get this for a spouse don't expect to see them for a few weeks after unwrapping Skyrim...the addiction is instant.

Catherine is one of the most unique games of 2011. The story is adult themed and very unusual. Aside from the sexy art and great story, the puzzles are challenging in a fun way. There are several endings and bonus puzzles for the hardcore. This is a must for Japanese gaming fans.

The King of Fighters XIII is the best fighting game of 2011. Top notch graphics, killer music, and a great fighting engine make this a treat to play. As a bonus, the game includes a music CD with 100 tracks spanning the entire series.

Portable Gaming

 Solatorobo is a beautiful looking RPG with tons of details. The world feels amazingly live and as charming as a Ghibli film. I would suggest grabbing this one before it becomes rare and expensive. It also includes a music CD. This could be the last hurrah for the old DS.

One of the greatest games ever made in portable form. Nuff said.

While the PSP is on life support in the US, XSeed saw fit to release one more awesome RPG for Westerners. Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky comes from Falcom makers of Ys. Of course, this game has the trademark awesome music that Falcom is known for as well as a cool story with great writing. The limited edition includes a CD and map.

Other Gifts to Consider