Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Screenshot 05: Bible Adventures

Bible Adventures (NES) Wisdom Tree 1991

Crap publisher, Wisdom Tree, was born from the ashes of Color Dreams, a company famous for making extremely poor, unlicensed games for the Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Wisdom Tree took this awful formula and applied it to games based on Christianity, most likely in an effort to exploit unknowing church goers looking for wholesome toys for their kids. Bible Adventures takes your favorite stories from the holy book, and defiles them ( one mini-game involves throwing around baby Moses like a football.) In the screen shot, Noah is grabbing animals for the ark in the most stupid way possible. This game is pure shit, but collectors will pay plenty for mint Wisdom Tree "classics". Unless you are a collector, my advice is to avoid this game at all cost. Bible Adventures is so bad, playing it may turn you to Atheism.

Catherine Fan Art

 Earlier today, Gamestop listed Catherine for pre-order. The release date was set for July 26, but the item got quickly pulled from the site...I guess Atlus didn't approve of the product listing since there has been no official word on a USA release yet. I am pretty happy this weird title is getting published here. I searched Pixiv, and found a number of great fan art pieces from Japanese fans. Although Atlus is dicking around with announcing Catherine for us poor gaijin, I feel it is an appropriate day to celebrate this cool looking game. Enjoy the gallery.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hurry and Grab the Pier Solar Reprint!

The new RPG, Pier Solar, for the long dead Sega Genesis has another reprint which is now open for pre-orders. The pre-orders will probably go quick, so it would behoove you to get over to their site to buy the game before it's too late. If you see the prices this baby is going for on eBay, then you will know why it is so important to order quickly. Support indie developers and buy this little piece of nostalgia, because stuff like this comes from a pure love for the 16 bit era. I will do a review once my copy arrives (their shipping estimate is 45 days.) I have heard mixed opinions on Pier Solar, but the Sega kid inside of me hopes for the best. The reprint link is below.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Screenshot 04: Sexy Parodius

Sexy Parodius (Saturn) Konami 1996

Konami is known for their excellent shooting game series like Gradius and Salamander. One of the lesser known series is Parodius. The Parodius series parodies Gradius with comical characters and strange shooting stages. Sexy Parodius is the fifth title in the series, and the game that many fans consider the best in the series. As the game's name suggest, the levels tend to have rather risque designs and boss characters. If you love shooters or half naked anime chicks, then pick up Sexy Parodius, you won't be disappointed. Just don't get distracted by the giant bare bottom on the lady in the screenshot, she is trying to kill you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amazing Art for Zelda's 25th Annivesary

Super Smash Land Demo 2 Has Been Released and it is Awesome!

The Super Smash Bros. demake, Super Smash Land continues to show progress. The game takes what you know and love from the Smash Bros. games and squishes it into a Gameboy style port. The available characters in the demo are Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu. The gameplay is fun, and the demake music is Nintendo quality. If you love old games or Nintendo, check this demo out.

Random Screenshot 03: Custard's Revenge

Custard's Revenge (Atari 2600) Mystique 1982

For students of history, Custard's Revenge is not an education tool. The game follows the nude exploits of General Custard as he evades enemy fire to rape a large breasted Indian woman on the other side of the screen. The game is considered to be one of the worst pieces of shit ever made. The funny thing is that this "porn game" was designed to get people off...yeah I am serious, this was designed to be sexually arousing. If this screen shot makes you feel that way then you should probably go back and check on your victims in the well, remember "it puts the lotion on it's skin!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Assault Suit Leynos: Sexy Nostalgia

For mecha fans, life doesn't get much better than playing a few hours of Cybernator or Target Earth. There is just something very cool about controlling a little 2-D mech on your favorite 16 bit system. For hardcore fans of the glory days of Assault Suits Leynos, check out this new model kit from Plum. It is a beautifully recreated copy of the AS-53 Reinosu from Target Earth. The kit is currently available for preorder at Hobby Search for 66.31 USD. Leynos will look make your room super manly and impress all the ladies...okay, I am lying about that last part.

Random Screenshot 02: Rambo

Rambo (NES) Acclaim 1987

The movie series Rambo is known for it's non-stop action sequences and "take no bullshit" attitude. The NES game, Rambo is quite the opposite. The game could have easily copied Contra's run and gun stlye, but for the most part Rambo is running around with only a knife. If you manage to make it to the end of this game, then you are probably all to familiar with the screen above. After you defeat the final boss, Rambo's commander comes out to greet him. For a brief period Rambo gets this wacky new ability to shoot a Chinese character (the symbol for Anger) from his fist. If you hit Rambo's commander with the Chinese character, then he turns into a frog. Yeah...a frog. Strangely, this comical scene almost makes this horrible game worth beating. Almost.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Screenshot 01: Ring King

Ring King (NES) Data East 1987

Ring King was a fairly competent boxing game released for the NES. Tragically, it gained infamy from the comical mid The coach is supposed to enter the ring after each round and act as a healing aid for the boxer. In Ring King, the coach enters the ring and suddenly the game turns into a blow job showdown. Intentional? Unintentional? Who approved this?!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Awesome Box Art

I love good box art. Catherine, the new game from Atlus, has two amazing covers. Many game covers are boring, and lack any real character; however some covers really sell the atmosphere of the game and look amazing. Here are some of my favorite video game covers...