Sunday, January 27, 2013

Awesome Box Art of the Week: Fantasy Life

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Free Games...Yes, Really...Free!

Usually free stuff is lousy, like the old fruitcake you're neighbor tries to pass off as a "gift" every Christmas season. However, today I have some good news for freeloaders. Check this site out:

Follow the link and you will find five awesome indie games for free. There is no catch...the games are hassle free and easy to download. I will vouch for all of these games as being fun and worth your time. Now go, and live like a king.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Favorite Games of 2012

I played plenty of great games on every console in 2012. Here are the ones that really stood out from the rest:

5.Mass Effect 3 - I was initially upset with the ending to this trilogy, but in retrospect, the actual game was amazing. It was nice to see how all small my decisions came together in the final game. Kaiden returned to the Normany ( and Ashley was still dead), I destroyed the Geth, and fixed the Genophage mainly because I thought the Krogans are funny characters. The game could have used a final boss, but the new villain was interesting enough and players finally got to see what the Illusive Man was up overall, not a bad way to end the series.

4.Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - I have always been a Tekken fan. However, over the past few years I grew weary of small updates to the roster and lame new gimmicks. TTT2 made me a believer again with its insanely massive roster, beautiful graphics, endless customization features, and overall replay value. This is the best fighting game I played in 2012 (sorry Persona 4 The Arena.) Too bad it didn't sell well, poor Harada...
 3. Gravity Rush - This was not a good year for Sony or the Vita platform. I was an early adopter to the system with few options for fun games to play. The shining beacon on the horizon was Gravity Rush, and it did not disappoint. The game looks absolutely stunning on the OLED screen and the game's unique physics are amazing. Sometimes when Kat was flying, I got so overwhelmed with the beauty of the game, I paused it and thought, "I can't believe this is on a portable system." I hope Sony makes a sequel ASAP.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles - This is hands down the best RPG for the Wii. The game is very long, the story is interesting, and the characters are very charming. The game can be pretty damn hard too, but I love a challenge. Thank you Operation Rainfall for working so hard for this game's localization, tired Nintendo fans deserved this gem. One final note, this is my favorite RPG soundtrack since Chrono Trigger, and I never thought anything would come close to that classic.
 1. Persona 4: The Golden - Yes, I know this is technically an update to an old PS2 game, but I don't care! Persona 4 was already a fantastic RPG, but Atlus really outdid themselves with the Vita version. The graphics look much sharper now and tons of new content was added. Any 60 hour game that gets a second playthrough out of me must be something really special. I can't wait to see a HD Persona 5 (using Catherine's engine.)

Awesome Box Art of the Week: Final Fantasy XI Seekers of Adoulin