Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top Ten Scariest Games

In honor of Halloween, I am making a top ten for the scariest video games of all time. Some of these just made me uncomfortable, others made me jump like a scared schoolgirl.

10. Splatterhouse 3 (Genesis) - This was the first game to ever scare me as a child. The weird demonic enemies and dark storyline gave me chills. It is pretty tame these days, but still a very fun game to play.

9. Silent Hill 4 (PS2) - While this isn't the best Silent Hill, it does has some of the weirdest moments. First there was the whole voyeur angle when looking through to your neighbors to see the bloody rabbit doll occasionally move. The giant baby demons near the end of the game are also really odd. Then there is this part...
8. The Darkness (Xbox 360) - While on the whole this game isn't the scariest game, one part of the game puts it on this list. Your character wakes up at one point in the hell for World War I soldiers. The soldiers are unable to die and fight nonstop for eternity. This version of hell looks frightening, and the concept is very cool. I would recommend The Darkness if only for this one part.

7. Resident Evil 2 (PSX) - This game had some of the best random "scare the shit out of you" moments. I still remember jumping out of my seat when the lickers crash through the investigation window in the police station. This is survival horror done right.

6. Illbleed (Dreamcast) - The story here follows a girl trying to escape a trap filled haunted house with her sanity intact. The game was innovative for monitoring the girl's heart rate, which if it got to high she would actually have a heart attack and a blood loss gauge that monitored well...blood loss. The game has some really weird and scary moments. It is also notable for having a demonic version of Sonic the Hedgehog.
5. BioShock (Xbox 360) - Some people might not classify this as a horror, but I think it fits right in. Weird f**ked up enemies? Check. Killing little girls for power ups? Check. Bizzare story involving self mutilation and cannibalism? Check. It is one of my favorites games even though it so twisted.

4. Fatal Frame (PS2) - Taking pictures of ghosts to kill them is a pretty crazy concept, but this game does just that and it is actually really cool. The game take places in modern Japan, and feels alot like a horror movie from there. A dark and immersive game that really scares people with the lights out.

3. Rule of Rose (PS2) - The whole theme of this game is just nuts. You play as an abused orphan terrorized by evil kids in animal masks. The game isn't the greatest, but the weird atmosphere really leaves you feeling uncomfortable. This is a fun game to throw on, and watch your friends say," what the hell is this game dude?"

2. Clocktower (PSX) - Running from a murderer sucks. In this game, it is pretty the entire concept. A killer called Scissorman is chasing after you and he will catch you. When he catches you the game enters a "panic mode" where you have to fend off the maniac. The game is pretty hardcore, but it is worth playing for the scares Scissorman delivers.

1. Silent Hill 2 (Ps2) - I have played hundreds of games in my life, and this one is definitely the scariest. Your character James enters Silent Hill to find his dead wife, yet he finds only hell awaits him. The story is very dark, the atmosphere is tense, and the enemies are gory. The game's ending will not leave your head for weeks as well.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rush Rush Rally Racing...Dreamcast Lives!!!

The Dreamcast is the system that refuses to die, and I love it. Homebrew fans will rejoice over the soon to be released racing game, Rush Rush Rally Racing. It is a top racing game that looks to be plenty of fun, and very oldschool. The Dreamcast has seen shooters and a nice little puzzle game released in recent years, but this is the first post death racer. The game includes a single player race mode, 19 tracks, and four player racing. The game is available for pre-order in a regular edition and special edition with soundtrack.
Be sure to give these guys support by visiting their site:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Capcom 18 in 1

I now have a Capcom CPS-2 multigame. Let me just say: IT IS AWESOME!!! The board has so many classics and a few obscurities:
Marvel vs. Capcom
Street Fighter 2 X Anniversary Edition
Darkstalkers 1-3
Street Fighter Alpha 1-3
Mega Man Power Battles 2
Dungeons and Dragons 1-2
Alien vs Predator
Battle Circuit
Giga Wing
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Puzzle Fighter
some wrestling game with Mike Hagger
I bought this from and I can say they were right on their advertisement of it. The games are not emulation each one is the real game represented in all it's glory. The board itself seems to be some CPS-2 board mixed with other board parts. I am not complaing though because I don't have to worry about the "Suicide battery", which kills older CPS2 games after a certain period. Each game can be set to another region as well.
I have been trying the games out most of the day, and have to say this a great purchase. If you are fan of older fighting games, in particular Capcom ones, then you need to get this. My only complaint is a small one. I wish some of the lamer titles like the wrestling game could have been switched for Progear or Marvel Superheroes vs. Streetfighter. That is just a gripe though, as this board is roughly $200 new, and way cheaper than the individual boards, if you can even find them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finally Got an Arcade Machine at Home

Yesterday I fulfilled one of my dreams by purchasing a Marvel Superheroes coin-op machine for my house. It is funny how much more awesome it feels to play a fighting game on the actual cabinet than on a console. I got a good deal on this one, and basically had to say something about it. For those who don't know, this is a fighting game by Capcom based on the Marvel comic heroes battling the evil Thanos. It is in great looking 2-D, and the music is pretty rocking too. When I am not so lazy I will post a pic of the actual cabinent. Now I just have to track down Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystera (my favorite arcade game) and Super Street Fighter 2 ( my second favorite.) I am a happy gamer right now though :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Awesome Game Fan Art

If you have never been to the site, Pixiv, I highly suggest you check it out. Here are some fine examples of fan art from the site: