Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hidden NES Gems Part One

I have been buying random NES titles lately and decided it is well overdue for me to compile a list of kick ass hidden gems. The Nintendo's library is vast and for every Super Mario 3, there is ten Dick Tracy's waiting to make you regret playing video games in the first place. Here are some of my favorite hidden gems, that are worth blowing money on and blowing cartridges over...

River City Ransom- Do you like beating people up with random objects? This is the grand dad of Final Fight style beat'ems and it has plenty of the aforementioned activity. The game involves two dudes attempting to rescue their girlfriends from a geek named "Slick." Along the way you fight random gangs, and exchange strange dialogue like "Barf" with various thugs. It is campy and fun. River City Ransom also has some weird ( and funny) RPG elements like buying items and getting nude spa treatments. Don't miss this one, it needs to be in any self respecting gamer's library.Clash at Demonhead- While this game has a super hardcore title, it is actually about a dude trying to stop a mad scientist. The game play is all about platforming, shooting stuff, and collecting power ups to reach new areas. The controls work well and the graphics are nice and colorful. It should have been a classic like Mega Man or Castlevania, but for some reason it remains in total obscurity. On a personal note, when I beat this game, the cartridge stopped working entirely and has never worked again.Faxanadu- This Zelda 2 clone is pretty awesome. Your character starts out looking like a homeless version of Jesus but you slowly gain armor and cool weapons to improve your stats and appearance. The story is fairly generic, but the game play is right on target. The password system is a pain in the ass however. This game can be found for super cheap, so I highly recommend it. Did I mention that the soundtrack is amazingly good?
Capcom Disney games- Ducktales, Little Nemo, and Rescue Rangers, etc. are all fantastic platformers for the NES. Each game captures the spirit of Disney and the wonderful game play of Capcom. I know Disney doesn't exactly bring the best gaming memories to mind, but these are all worthwhile titles. I would actually rank Ducktales and Little Nemo as some of the best NES games ever. Don't pass on these gems, every collector or true gamer needs these games in their collection.
That is a short list of NES hidden gems. I will continue this another day with even more obscure games like Shatterhand that rock your face off.

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