Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Leaked Games You Should Play

Cancellation is a sad word for gamers. I have lamented the loss of many titles like Castlevania for the Dreamcast and most recently the highly anticipated, Duke Nukem Forever. Sometimes, through various means, unreleased games get leaked to the masses. This offers a rare chance to play something you weren't meant to ever see in the first place, for good and possibly bad.
Trying to compile a list of every leaked game would be insane, so I can only point you to a few interesting prospects. (Note: These are all in complete English and playable)

Rent a Hero
This interesting adventure title is for the original Xbox. This wacky Sega game was canned after low retail orders showed there was little to no interest in the release. Rent a Hero was based off of the Sega Dreamcast version with some minor improvements made for the transition to the Xbox including a complete English translation. You will need a modded Xbox to play, but it is worth the effort as it is very strange and original.

The NES Earthbound prequel was ready to go out the door when it's release was canceled. It was cited that Nintendo didn't feel it would be commercially viable so close to the Super Nintendo's release in America, and axed the game. A few years ago, a finished prototype emerged, and fans have been enjoying the "lost" Earthbound ever since. Don't miss out on this unreleased classic.

Princess Maker 2
This game was originally going to be released for the PC in the Nineties. It is a great parent simulation developed by anime studio, Gainax. Unfortunately, the game was never released to retail in America. It was leaked however, and it is a fine game if you download DOSbox to enable play on modern versions of Windows. The creator of the English translation has shared his view that no one should download this version of the game, but I think it is a crime that this title was never released commercially (with the exception of a special copy given as a gift to the Japanese director of Princess Maker 2 from the translator himself.) It is the only Princess Maker of the series to receive a full English translation. Also, people will tell you the game is creepy, but it is not at all. In fact, the game is pretty wholesome by design as you can be a shitty parent, but your girl will die! No one should want that, so being a good parent is a must.

These are a few lost games that have been leaked for us lucky gamers that love obscurities and rarities. For even more fun look up the unreleased version of Sonic 2. It is almost completely different when compared to the one Sega actually released!

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