Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Screenshot 31: Zero Wing

Zero Wing (Mega Drive) Toaplan 1991

An old internet meme, made this screenshot famous for it's horrible yet comical mistranslation. Zero Wing was originally an arcade game, but it was later ported to the Mega Drive and PC Engine. For the Mega Drive port, a nonsensical intro was added to give the game a plot. However, when the game was released in Europe (it never saw a US release) the game's intro was hilariously mistranslated into total Engrish. Much later, around 1999, people started to talk about Zero Wing's intro, and suddenly every geek worth their salt knew, " All Your Base Are Belong To Us." Aside from the crappy intro, Zero Wing is a mediocre shooter with nice music. The later PC Engine port did not use this intro for obvious reasons.

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