Monday, July 25, 2011

Collecting Saturn Imports

I have become a Sega Saturn addict lately. Between Hyper Duel and Elevator Action Returns, I am loving this old system's beautiful 2-D graphics and lovely control pad. Collecting Japanese Saturn games is not the cheapest hobby. However, I feel inclined to do so, because the games are very fun and cover art is usually so fucking awesome.

 Example of a cool cover and classic underboob.

Prices for import Saturn games range from cheap (Puyo Puyo Sun is only $5) to the insanely expensive (Radiant Silvergun is $250+.) The Saturn is one of the few systems where the rare games are usually worth the money. There are a few stinkers like the ultra rare and horrid, Final Fight Revenge, but for the most part, the hard to find games are said to be worth the price tag. For fans of arcade style fighters and shooters, the Saturn import library is essential. Unlike the Dreamcast, almost every good game from Capcom and SNK stayed in Japan.

Here is my current wish list:

Batsugun Early bullet hell shooter from Toaplan, the last game before the company's demise
Princess Crown The original Vanillaware game, looks very similar to Odin Sphere
Dracula XX The Saturn version of this hit had new levels and a playable Maria added in
Blast Wind Cool looking shooter from Technosoft, creators of the Thunderforce series
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter Versus game with a console exclusive character, superb arcade port

I also want this shirt:

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