Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Screenshot 36: Bioshock

Bioshock (Xbox 360) 2K Boston 2007

Bioshock comes from the old PC series, System Shock. For the evolution of the series, the game was changed into a first person shooter. The story involves an undersea city called Rapture. Rapture is free of the artistic and scientific confines of the surface world. This element plays greatly into the overall morality of the Bioshock world. Since science can make anyone into a mutant demi-god, why settle for being a normal human? Thus the occupants of Rapture became obsessed with genetic alteration and kill for the means to obtain their splicer fix. You take control of a mysterious man who washes up inside Rapture. As the story unravels, you learn that fate led him to the city and he can become it's savior or a monster hellbent on mutant is the player's call. Aside from choosing your moral path, the graphics are beautiful and the overall world design is amazingly detailed. The city truly looks like a 1950 resort vista, if it were submerged and overran by psychotic freaks. The main enemies in the game, Big Daddies, are formidable and their weird anguished sounds echo through the dark chambers they inhabit. Bioshock has an amazing atmosphere and the story is uniquely dark. The game is pretty cheap to own these days, so give it a shot even if you hate FPS titles. The elemental power up system is so cool that is worth the price of admission alone. You will never feel the same about the phrase "Would you kindly."

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