Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Selling My Collection, Good Bye Hardcore Days

I have loved video games since I was old enough to hold a controller in my tiny mitts. However, there comes a time for all good things to end, so I must say goodbye to my hardcore gaming obsession. While I will still play some games and buy a few things here and there, my collecting days are done. Why? Well, my fiancee is more important to me than all my games, so I must part ways with this stuff.
If you are one of the three people (?) that read this blog, I am selling my stuff through eBay. However, if you leave me comment on here I can send you a list of stuff I haven't listed yet like the Sega CD-X, my Saturn collection, and my Muramasa Momohime statue.
Here is a link to the eBay stuff:

The list will continue to expand till it is all gone. I don't know if this blog will die, but post will definitely become less frequent. However, if I do land my dream job soon...the updates will at least be super interesting in regards to gaming. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

i don't get it... is your girlfriend against this or you just need the money? explain!

RoK the Reaper said...

This is real really stupid man just.. UGH. I hate that you're selling your stuff but good luck.

Hey, if you want send me a e-mail at, I'll take a look at that Muramasa Momohime statue you got.

Lee said...

I will clear some things up. I am actually moving overseas to be closer to my girlfriend, and work. I can't pack all my games and honestly I need the money for such a big move. She is not forcing me to sell everything, this is all of my own accord. I will always love video games, but the finances I have been due putting toward my hobby have also hampered my relationship with the person I love and ultimately my goal of living overseas.

I will still update this blog, especially if I end up moving to Japan as planned. Japan is like Mecca for me, so I am sure I will do some write ups on the arcades there and the Super Potato store. Also RoktheReaper, I will shoot you an email later.

Thanks for your concerns.

Tom Badguy said...

A cool page. I dig the boxart posts. Will follow.