Friday, May 24, 2013

Welcome to the D&D World...of Japan

While in the USA, we get a sad digital-only release for the new Dungeons and Dragons collection, Japan will get this sweet ass special edition instead. Their gorgeous special edition comes with a reprint of the official guidebook and the Capcom Secret File. Other goodies include a 2 disc soundtrack and a wallpaper DLC code. I wish Capcom would release this in the West, but I know that is impossible since they do not like to release physical copies of hardcore stuff anymore (ex. Ace Attorney 5 is download only.) Fortunately this is a very import friendly package (and region free) if you are willing to drop $130 for the privilege of preserving this series in your game collection. Personally, these are two of my favorite arcade games ever, so my wallet is ready. It sure beats hooking up a Sega Saturn and fooling with that 4MB Ram crap to play these on my TV.

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