Friday, June 7, 2013

The Good Old Days: Street Fighter 2 Rainbow Edition

In the 1990s, life was good: Fresh of Bel Air and Seinfeld ruled the airwaves, hip-hop music didn't suck yet, and a new Street Fighter update was available every 3-6 months. Some of these updates were of the unofficial variety, which basically meant the arcade owner or some technician tweaked the CPS2 board to "enhance" the game in new ways. Want to throw multiple fireballs at once? Got it. So you want to switch characters during the second round? No problem. You want Zangief to glitch through the screen for no particular reason? Sounds good to me!

You can see plenty of this nonsense in the video above in an unofficial, but popular version of Street Fighter 2 called Rainbow Edition. In Japan, they still have local tournaments for this amazing bootleg. You can find this version in a rom set for MAME if you are curious about it. Sadly, most Westerners can't just walk into an arcade in 2013 and pop a few quarters into some crazy ass hacked game....nope, you could only do that in the good old days.

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