Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scribblenauts impressions

Yesterday I picked up the new DS game, Scribblenauts. The whole premise is solving puzzles or small action sequences by writing anything (not copyrighted) into a pad and watching it materialize. The game is very addicting, and long-lasting with tons of levels and possibilities limited only by your imagination. The game also allows you to build a level for your friends to play with it's level edit option.
I think I spent my first thirty minutes with the game just writing anything that came to mind to see if it appeared on the title screen. I summoned a lawyer, a mop, a Spartan with a spear, and even the Invisible Man. After fooling around with this I started to play the game and found that the game really gives you a lot of freedom in solving it's puzzles. Want some wings to fly over something? Go ahead. Want to summon a Cyclops to fight for you? Just write him in. I tried Hitler out of curiosity ( I was going to send in God to beat him up) but he was not available. For the most part anything you can think of is in this game.
My only complaint with the game is the control. The D-pad is used for the camera, and the touchscreen controls the rest. I have died several times due to the touchscreen's inaccurate precision in flying over an obstacle or navigating enemies moving faster than your character. The control is workable but is a definite flaw.
Overall the game is highly enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone with a DS. Here are a few of the wacky things I have found so far:
  • You can write in a shrink ray to shrink objects or yourself (if you reflect the shot.)
  • Want to kill a shark or other violent sea-life? Try dropping electronics in the water like a toaster.
  • If you write in rally car you will get a race car with the developer's logo on it.
  • Want to fly but you're tired of using wings or the jet pack? Try summoning Pegasus, the flying horse.
  • Wanna look like a Jedi? Write in robe and laser sword. May the force be with you.

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