Friday, September 4, 2009

Sengoku Rance VII Review (PC)

Today I am going to review a PC ero-title called Sengoku Rance. Before you run away, this isn't your typical " get the chick in the sack and then her sister too" type game. Instead the game focuses pretty heavily on tactical army battles like a console strategy RPG... this one just has some naughtniess thrown in for good measure. This game was released only in Japan, but Yandere tanslations recently released a nearly complete English patch for the title.Sengoku Rance follows a warrior named Rance as he travels to Japan during the warring state era. He then meets Nobunaga Oda, who places him in charge of his army. From there the game follows Rance on his conquest of Japan and it's women. The story is often light-hearted with Rance being a huge pervert; but sometimes the game can be touching, such as when Nobunaga's young sister has to confront her own destiny.
The tactical game mechanics are highly addictive. The objective usually rest in conquering each family house of a certain state on the map. The family houses all have a leader that usually serves as a boss battle to conquer their state. The battles are fun and easy to learn. Some of the battles late in the game become very difficult but usually with perseverance your groups can take the remaining houses.
The game has well drawn graphics for the battles. The animation isn't very good but it is not overly noticeable. The music is pretty well done as well. Some of the hair metal boss tracks had me rocking out.
Minor RPG elements exist such as dungeons, a friend/ love system, and recruting missions. The dungeons are straight forward but often reward your group with rare equipment or items. Rance can gain the trust of his allies and increase their strength; for female party members he can usually romantically persuade them toward love for stat bonuses and upgrades. Rance can also recruit former enemies from the defeated houses which gives you strong allies and some unique abilities.
It easy to feel overwhelmed when initially staring at the map screen. You have plenty of states to conquer and time plays a big factor on if you will be able to conquer everyone. The game comes to a conclusion on the main route after a certain amount turns (there are other routes which I will discuss later.) The game becomes so addictive that it can be distracting when the storyline forces you to fight another house instead of the one you are currently attacking.
Through certain actions the game can follow multiple routes. This gives you plenty of replay oppurtnities with diferent endings for each one. The difficulty will also re-adjust on certain boss encounters if you are willing to admit failure, which I think is a nice feature seeing as how you will be underleveled in your first playthrough. anyhow Sengoku Rance is pretty lenient on the main route as long as you admit defeat.
Hentai elements are present throughout the game such as when you conquer the states, Rance usually beds down the princess or commander from that nation. The anime artwork is nice and the sex scenes are easily skipped through if it isn't your thing. The Rance games are Japan's premier ero series so everything is top notch in presentation. Be aware that this game can be very dirty as in foul language as well.
I enjoyed this game and hopefully this review will make some of you track this one down. It is a great strategy RPG with a fun story and some dirty elements. Sengoku Rance beats the hell out of every hentai game on the US market as far as gameplay and actual storyline go. Be sure to check this one out and get the translation patch as it is nearly finished.

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