Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Games You've Never Heard of: LSD (PSX)

LSD is a very offbeat and elusive import for the original Playstation. The game is not mentioned hardly ever, but consists of one of the coolest concepts in gaming. LSD was released in 1998 in Japan as a dream simulator. The product was one of the three released at that time, the other two being a music CD and book, which described the dreams of an Asmik Ace staff member who kept a dream journal for ten years.The "game" puts you into a random dream design based on a large number of basic level designs with 500 patterns of background music used for each dream sequence. The dreams can be really surreal and creepy with one part of a dream taking place in a dark city where the only other person in sight upon approach has their head fall off (wtf) then this leads to the next dream where you are running through a small maze from sumo wrestlers. You can end the dream early by falling off a cliff, though they rarely last past ten minutes anyway. When the dream ends you are presented with a chart of where your dream puts your state of mind at the time. It is pretty awesome and strange at the same time.LSD is a very rare game, but one well worth tracking down. It is a novel piece of software that gives you the chance to look at dreams through someone else's eyes. The graphics are very primitive and most of the music samples lean toward sheer madness, but something kept me coming back again and again. Also, don't believe what you read elsewhere, LSD does have an ending. You simply need to trigger every dream FMV that can occur in the game. It is a long process, but I played it for around a month, and I was able to do it. Check this weird game out, just don't do it while on drugs, that sounds like a nghtmare in the making.
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