Monday, April 5, 2010

Gaming + Girls = Hotness

I think every guy who likes games and girls also like seeing the two in a great fusion of hotness. It is pure geek ecstasy. I decided to scour the net and celebrate some of these fine ladies posing cosplay style or with games. Enjoy this heavenly combination of beauty and geekdom!
Super Mario 3, the girl has taste.
I think we just found where they were keeping the Triforce.
Zelda burlesque is awesome.
So is Princess Peach burlesque...
Justin Bailey would be proud.
Throw in Princess Leia and I can die a happy man.

This is from the game, Queen's Blade. I've never played, but I am thinking I should start.
Cammy would be jealous.
I need to move to Japan...
Final Fantasy sure produces some nice cosplay.

That is it for this update. I was originally going to do an 8-bit comparison thing, but it seemed kinda lame. I did keep one funny picture to share however:

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