Saturday, April 17, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is Confirmed ( Possibly Will Take You on a Ride As Well)

I am not talking about another Mugen poject. Last week, Capcom held it's annual Captivate event in Hawaii. All of their new games were on display and were supposed to be kept secret until next week. That was the plan, but one site said, "fuck that nonsense."

This is great news for fighting fans and comic nerds. Since I fall into both categories, all I can say is thank you Capcom. Here are characters I hope make the new ( and supposedly huge) roster:

Marvel side

The Punisher- Frank Castle is just too cool to pass up and he has acquired two feature films under his belt since the last Marvel game.

The Fantastic Four- Dr. Doom needs his real rivals, plus the Thing is one my favorite heroes.

Blade- Watch out Darkstalkers, Wesley Snip...erm...Blade doesn't mess around.

Thor- He is a freakin' thunder god. Nuff said.

Dark Phoenix- She is super powerful and her lack of compassion would make her a fine choice for this game's endboss.

Capcom side

Dante- The hero of the Devil May Cry series would fit right in with the vs. series. His combo heavy attacks would be fun and the ability to become a demon would be a neat gimmick as well.

MegaMan X- He is seriously the only MegaMan not to be used outside his own series. X is a badass, he needs to be in this game...especially if they add Zero.

Bayonetta- She is like a female Dante...possibly even stronger. She would be really fun to have in here, plus she is pretty sexy.

Gene- I know not many people played Godhand, but the main character was practically built for a fighting game. He fights like Kenshiro from Fist of the Northstar, if you think that is lame...You are already dead.

Wesker- The ultimate villain from the Resident Evil series need some vs. series representation. If he fights like Agent Smith from the Matrix like in Resident Evil 5 then it would be even sweeter to have him as a selectable fighter.

I guess some more official announcements will be heard this coming week or next week. Knowing Capcom they will drag out each character unveiling for months, so who knows when we will know the full roster. I just hope we get some cool surprise along the way. I'm crossing my fingers for the characters I mentioned and some weirdos like Phoenix Wright!

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