Friday, May 7, 2010

Games I am Currently Playing

I haven't made a post in awhile. It is finals time for me, and I have been gaming alot as well. Here are the games that are currently taking away from my study time:

1. Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)- I am already a big fan of this game. The new characters are all cool, except Hakan and the online has been done very well. One really cool addition is the replay channel. It is nice seeing other player's strategies and combos. Bravo, Capcom, bravo. I hope they release a DLC pack with Rolento, Elena, and R. Mika.2. Record of Agarest War (Xbox 360)- I ordered this game simply for the boobie mousepad, however it is actually not a bad game at all. I usually steer clear of Idea Factory, but this game seems to be their crowning achievement. The artwork is nice, battles are fun, and the music is fitting. I also dig the marriage and generation system, it reminds me of Phantasy Star 3.3. Space Adventure Cobra (Sega CD)- This game also seemed to be an oddity to me, so I tracked it down finally. The game is like a poor man's Snatcher. The story is ok, and the character designs look like they are out of an issue of Heavy Metal. I will keep playing this one for the story only.4. Sakura Wars V( Wii)- I am at the end of Sakura Wars, but since I seemed to have ended up with the lamest chick, I've been hesitant to beat it. The game is awesome, and I recommend it to any strategy fan. I hope Sega releases the older titles here at some point. The world could use some more mecha and romance.

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