Friday, May 28, 2010

The Quest to Collect the Mega Man Series

Recently I have found that obtaining an entire lineage of Mega Man titles seems more and more entertaining to me. It started with me picking up Mega Man 2 at thrift store. Then I found a mint copy of Mega Man X (my personal favorite) at another thrift store. Now I own digital copies of Mega Man 9 on XBLA and Mega Man 3 on Virtual Console.

I now own the following:

Mega Man 2 for NES
Mega Man 3 for Virtual Console
Mega Man 8 for PSX
Mega Man 9 for XBLA
Mega Man X for SNES
Mega Man the Power Fighters 1 & 2 in my CPS2 arcade cabinet

I could buy the collection games easily online, but that just seems boring and the emulation is off in some places from what I hear anyway. One of the most cool things I have ordered online recently is a box of Mega Man candy from Japan. It is called Rockmanju which is a bad pun based on Rockman and manju (Rockman being the Japanese name for Mega Man and Ju the Japanese character for ten.) Manju is a traditional cookie like treat, but I don't plan of eating it.

The box contains the Japanese style Mega Man 10 box art. It is the only place you will find it as everywhere insist on using intentionally bad Western art to parody bad box art from the NES era. The box looks like a famicom box from back in the day which makes it all the more awesome to have in my collection. Inside the box are little cookies with 8-bit Mega Man sprites on them. Overall, Capcom went out of their way to make a great item for fans.
Another edition has the original Japanese Rock Man art.

I plan on hitting the thrift store later today. Hopefully I can find some more Mega Man games hidden away.

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