Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Should Buy The Simpsons Arcade Game

Plenty of arcade games remain exclusive to the digital archives of MAME due to the problems surrounding the loss of specific licenses given to publishers in the 1990s. This is why you will you probably never play any of the Dungeons and Dragons games from Capcom or Jojo's Bizarre Adventures on XBLA or PSN. However, after a twenty year wait, we finally have a real home port of The Simpsons Arcade Game ready for legal download. The game is the same classic beat'em up from Konami with new additions such as the Japanese rom,  a graphics filter and online co-op.
The Simpsons Arcade Game features ton of cameos from the show and a completely insane story about Smithers kidnapping Maggie because she mistook a diamond for her pacifier. Characters can team up for pair attacks (pictured above) to take out enemies quickly and compete for score points. One small gripe is the lack of Smithers and Mr. Burns' real voice actor. I know Harry Shearer is a stubborn old coot, but why couldn't they find a sound-alike for the port? Another complaint is the crappy black border surrounding the screen, I would have liked the classic coin-op's art to decorate the sides with rather than boring darkness. Everything else is great: huge sprites, catchy music/sound effects, and the charming nostalgia of the 90s beat'em up genre. Grab the game now for 800MSP or 9.99 on PSN.

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