Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Should Buy These Games on the Japanese PSN Store

I recently bought a PS3 that is fully backwards compatible. The unfortunate part is that while I can play my collection of US games just fine, my import PSX library will remain neglected since the games are not region-free. While researching for alternative methods of playing imports I found that anyone can access the Japanese Playstation Network on the PS3. After setting up a foreign account via a Youtube tutorial, I found myself in the shopping wonderland that is the Japan's PSN Store. I browsed hundreds of Japanese imports but I lacked the ability to add funds to my account since American credit cards cannot be used.

In order to make purchases, foreigners need to purchase Japanese PSN point cards or simply the codes from an online retailer. While the usual spots sell them (NCSX, Play-Asia) the cheapest seller I found was After purchasing some points, I browsed the game lists and found many awesome games that I encourage you to download. Remember, any games downloaded are region-free.

Highly Recommended Games:
LSD the Dream Simulator (600 yen)
Dodonpachi (600 yen)
Harmful Park (600 yen)
Cotton 100% (300 yen)
Rival Schools (600 yen)

Other Great Values:
Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2: Chotto Dake Saikyou Densetsu (600 yen)
Gunner's Heaven (600 yen)
Tenchi wo Kurau 2 (600 yen)
Panzer Bandit (600 yen)
Wolf Fang: Kuuga (600 yen)
Zanac X Zanac (600 yen)

There are many more great games waiting to be discovered on the Japanese PSN Store, but remember with current exchange rates, 600 yen will cost you about $10. I hope Monkey Paw gets access to some of these classics to allow American gamers to buy them at better prices. Speaking of Monkey Paw, if you haven't checked out the Japanese exclusives on the American PSN Store, then go browse it now! Awesome games like Gaia Seed and Money Exchanger Idol only cost $5.99. This price is quite a steal considering that Gaia Seed costs about $250+ on the used market.

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