Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Latest Games I've Picked Up

My collection just keeps growing. Here are the newest games I have bought:

NeoGeo Pocket- It is a pretty obscure handheld that didn't last too long against the Gameboy Advance. I picked up three games with it, they are Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters R2, and Bust a Move. Bust a Move is my favorite, as its a simple puzzle game that is easy to jump into when you got a free minute. My biggest gripe with the NeoGeo Pocket is the lack of a backlight. It is impossible to see the screen in the dark or in a place with little light.

Castle of Shikigami 3 - This is a bargain bin bullet hell for the Wii. I picked it up for $10 and I have to say the game is pretty damn good (especially for a cheap price.) The game has cool looking anime characters and the soundtrack is pretty nice as well. I haven't beaten it yet but it is fun enough to play in between Mario and Smash Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii - This is the 2-D follow up we have all been waiting for since Yoshi's Island on SNES. The game style is a mix of Mario 3 and Mario World. The multiplayer is fun and frustrating. It is hard enough to dodge crap coming from everywhere, but on top of that looking out for your friend can be a test of endurance. I prefer single player honestly. The koopa kids are back and so is the ship stage from Mario 3 with its iconic music. You have to get this if you own a Wii or love the oldschool Mario games.

Naruto Shippuden Accel 3 - This is a cool PSP game for Naruto fans. The fighting is fun and hectic like the previous PS2 entries. The game is import only right now, but it is pretty friendly to non-Japanese speakers. The graphics are great considering it is for PSP. I love the large character roster (50+ selectable) and Itachi is so badass in this game.

GoGo Ackman trilogy - I am a big fan of Akira Toriyami, so when I heard he helped design three Super Famicom platformers I had to track them down. The games ranked from best to worst: GoGo Ackman 3, 1, then 2. The third, while short, is funny and fun to play. The story involves a gay angel who wants to get (and get with) the demon kid, Ackman. It is typical Japanese over the top insanity. Overall it seems to be the most well thought out of the three games. The first is fun, but the levels are pretty long, and there is no save or password feature. The second game is more like the third, but the stages seemed rushed, and it just lacks the fun of the other two games. I would recommend the games to Toriyami fans (Ackman looks like an evil version of Trunks), or people who love a classic platformer.

If you'll excuse me, I hear Mario calling my name!

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