Sunday, May 15, 2011

Deathsmiles II-X Coming to US...But Only for Games on Demand

Cave has decided to release Deathsmiles 2-X in the US. The game will be sold exclusively through XBLA's Games on Demand store for 29.99. Sadly, it will not be translated nor will it have an actual physical release. While it is great for shooter fans that Cave is releasing a another game stateside, it is really lousy that this is the way it is being done. Aksys did an amazing job with the original game, so it is almost shocking to see how lazily this is being released.
Deathsmiles 2-X's release is being given very little fanfare or advertisement, so I don't expect this to bode well for Cave's sales numbers.  It would have been more practical to release a game with tiny ships like Ketsui or Dodonpachi Resurrection to test the waters as Americans know this type of game. As it stands, people are going to see an untranslated game about little girls fighting Christmas monsters this Wednesday. I hope it sells well enough to see more Cave titles released over here, but I have a strong feeling this plan will only come back to bite Cave in the ass.

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