Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Game Commercial 04: French Mega Man 2

Apparently Japan wasn't the only one making really crazy gaming commercials during the 80s. In this French ad, a freaky looking Mario announces Mega Man 2, and then a clawed silhouette of Dr. Wily rants about...well who knows. To top things off, Mega Man looks like Ultra Man standing in the flames of Hell, then Mario farts. Enjoy!

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Masque de Mort said...

I clearly remember this ad, plaguing our afternoons full of cheap anime, back in the 80's. All the voices in the ad come from the same actor (awesome Michel Elias, who also made most of the voices for the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris).
By the by, Doctor Willy rants about not being impressed by Megaman, "with his super robots, atomic chicken and all his other creatures (mad laugh)".
Thank you for your blog, you have at least one French fan.