Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Screenshot 30: Total Recall

Total Recall (NES) Interplay 1990

The movie, Total Recall, is generally considered to be a descent sci-fi action flick starring Schwarzenegger. However, the NES game is generally considered to be one of the worst NES games ever made. What went wrong? Pretty much everything. This screenshot highlights one of the recurring enemies that you may not remember from the film: purple jumpsuit wearing midgets. These little bastards run away kicking Arnold in the nuts and are just one of the annoying enemies that makes this game a nightmare. Bad music, nonsensical driving sections, and trash can midget ninjas (WTF!) mean you need to avoid this turd and pretty much any licensed game from the NES era. Rare "un-fucked" the licensed game genre with Golden Eye quite sometime later, but that's a screenshot for another day.

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