Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is this dude the inspiration for Mike Haggar?

Many crappy violent manga and anime filled the 1980's. One example is the manga, Mad Bull 34. Mad Bull 34's title character, Mad Bull aka "Sleepy" is the guy with the mustache above. He is a hooker screwing, ultra-violent New York cop that's alway ready to remove his shirt for a brawl. This manga ran in Japan between 1986-1990, and Final Fight was released in 1989. Was this crazy character the basis for Mike Haggar?
Mad Bull looking fairly homosexual.

Mike Haggar being a true badass.

Both characters bare a striking resemblance. I have to wander if the designer at Capcom read this manga, and said, " This dude is awesome, let's design our main hero after him." It is very possible, or maybe he just thought his pro wrestling mayor would look really lame if he was a tiny guy in a suit. Either way, I think the resemblance is uncanny, and it is just a little funny that both Final Fight and Mad Bull 34 were released around the same time frame. Anyone know if Capcom used Mad Bull as an inspiration for Mike Haggar?

Mad Bull fighting in a subway like a certain level in Final Fight.

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