Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pirate Megadrive Games from eBay

So I won auctions on a couple of odd titles for the old Sega Genesis the other day. One is a strange little game called Top Fighter 2005. It is a weird fighting game starring Goku (Dragon Ball Z), Ryu ( Street Fighter), Cyclops (X-Men), Michael Jordan (comically named Jodan), and a few more out of place fighters. It looks like a MUGEN game, but the controls stink. I may review it later on.
The other game I picked up is a bootleg of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker(complete with terrible artwork that makes no sense) . I haven't stuck this one in yet to see if it's just a simple clone of the original or a whole new hacked up game starring the King of Pop( my fingers are crossed for latter) . I will be sure to give an update on my findings once I play it.
Also here is a picture of my arcade machine running Street Fighter 2.

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