Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bayonetta Rocks

I picked up the 360 version of Bayonetta yesterday, and I have found it hard to put down ever since. The game's actions sequences are amazing and the story is entertaining for an action title (she kills angels for a living.) Sega has included goofy nostalgia moments like references to Eggman, music from Outrun, and Halos that seem very similar to Sonic's rings. The creator also references some of his past titles like Viewtiful Joe in the dialogue. The game seems like a return to Sega's glory days.

The combat system is wild. You jump between guns, swords to chainsaws, animal forms, and butterfly wings in every fight. The combat has what seems like an infinite amount of possibilities for combos. What helps this is the "witch time." It works like the Matrix's bullet time, the time around Bayonetta slows and she is able to beat the hell out of enemies. If she combos enough, a torture attack opens which allows her to place enemies in guillotines or iron maidens. It is pretty insane.

One of the coolest parts of the fighting is the climax attack. When Bayonetta gets a strong enemy down to a certain amount of health this option opens. Bayonetta suddenly goes nude with only a few strands of hair covering her, and her hair starts turning into giant demons. These demons proceed to massacre the angelic foes in a variety of sick and interesting ways.

The graphics are fluid and Bayonetta oozes sexiness. The soundtrack also seems pretty damn good, in Japan it got a 4 disc edition if that tells you anything. One slight annoyance in the game is the overuse of the word "fuck." It seems like the game uses the word in every sentence. It works in Tarantino movies, not in a video game. Otherwise I am loving this game. I still haven't beat it, but from what I gather there are tons of unlockables such as new playable characters and costumes. Do not write this game off as a Devil May Cry knockoff. I almost did, and I can say that would have been a big mistake.

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