Saturday, January 23, 2010

Five Biggest Badasses of the Final Fantasy Universe

Final Fantasy XIII is on the horizon, so I think it is a nice time to reflect on the series' past. Final Fantasy has been a huge series with tons of characters, some memorable and some not so memorable. The series has had it's fill of great stories and cool battles, but what about the characters that make these things so great? Well I am here to talk about the badasses that make up some of my favorite parts of the long running series. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

5. Kain Highwind (FF IV) - Who can forget the enigmatic dragoon of Final Fantasy IV? He is a hero, then a villain, and by a twist of fate, a hero again. I can't count the number of time his jump ability saved my ass in the game while "main hero" Cecil was getting owned. His talent for being a prick at just the right times made him a cool villain, and the duality of his nature made him a deep character. Kain is a badass, and if you don't believe me, try not jumping anytime in the last dungeon. Without this unique ability it is a suicide run in the making.

4. TG Cid aka Orlandu (FFT) - Orlandu is the most broken character in Final Fantasy Tactics and he is awesome for it. He is a legendary knight with abilities that far outweigh any other team member's and is nearly invulnerable to death. He makes a very difficulty strategy game a breeze with his sword attacks that can kill the final boss in around four turns. While some may whine he makes the game too easy, I say admire Orlandu because it isn't too often an old man become the strongest warrior in a game. I salute you Thunder God Cid.

3. Shadow (FF VI) - The mysterious ninja, Shadow, is an odd guy. He comes and gos from your party as he pleases, but it always sucks when he leaves since he is such a badass. He has a dog that randomly attacks for him and he has crazy ass dreams of his past (PTSD maybe?) What makes him so great? Shadow can throw all kinds of stuff. In fact this super ninja can throw a sword that kills the final boss in one hit. HOLY SHIT! Aside from that, Shadow has one of the best theme songs ever bumping him up the list a bit.

2. Kefka (FF VI) - Kefka is batshit crazy, and I love him for that. His theme song makes him seem like a zany, joke character; but that couldn't be farther from the truth. He doesn't plan to destroy the world, he actually does it. In the second half of Final Fantasy VI he simply rules from his tower like a god. Aside from these things making him a badass, the final battle with him is one of the best ever. He basically mocks your team for being lame then proceeds to kick ass to the awesome "Dancing Mad" melody. He proves that it isn't just looks that make a badass, because he sorta looks like a gay clown. Instead he proves his worth with wicked (and sometimes comical) actions, kinda like the Joker.

1. Sephiroth (FFVII) - Love it or hate it, Final Fantasy VII had a massive impact on gaming. One of the biggest reasons was a single villain, Sephiroth. He was once revered as a hero of humanity, but due to some revealing details of his past, he decides to destroy everything on the planet with a meteor. A little crazy huh? Aside from this menacing deed, he killed Aerith, a moment many fanboys still remember vividly ( it was pretty sad for me too.) The final battle with Sephiroth is a very cool one which brings out everything that makes a memorable boss fight truly epic. When he descends in angelic form with a choir chanting his name, you know you are in for one hell of a battle. During the fight to show he means business, he doesn't cast Fire 3 or screw that pussy shit, Sephiroth calls out a freakin' planet destroying Super Nova. If that doesn't make you a badass, then I don't know what does...

The list could have been longer with notable characters like Auron and Gilgamesh, but I think the main badasses are listed. I hope XIII lives up to my expectations, and provides memorable characters for long time fans of the series. The world doesn't need anymore spoony bards laming it up.

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