Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DS Games You Should Buy Before Its Too Late

The Nintendo DS has a grim outlook in the US. Very few games are set to be released for the old portable aside from some shovelware or licensed crap, and the 3DS is stealing most of the spotlight from the once beloved handheld. I still enjoy my DS, and hope a few more last minute gems find their way to US before the system dies completely, but I am not holding my breath. At least Europe is getting Solatorobo, a fine looking action J-RPG about dog people. If you like to own every game for a chosen system or simply collect rare stuff, here are my suggestions for games to buy before they go to triple digit prices on eBay in the near future...

Monster Tale 
From the makers of Henry Hatsworth comes Monster Tale. This game is an adorable 2-D hodgepodge of classics like Mega Man, Pokemon, and Metroid. You control a little girl and her monster as they attempt to find their way back home from a planet ruled by evil children. As with most last gen games, Monster Tale just came out and it is already getting a little hard to find at retail stores. The game is fun and worth the $30 price tag on Amazon. Grab this one before it is too late (cough...remember Shantae...cough)

Dragon Quest V 
Unlike Dragon Quest IV, this sequel was printed in very low numbers. It is already hard to find, and most people online are asking around $60 for a used copy. Why is this Dragon Quest so special? It is considered by most Japanese fans to be the pinnacle of the series. It follows the entire lifetime of a hero from his birth to when he has his own children and they start on a quest of their own. The game is very cool, and comes highly recommended...just don't pay too much for a copy. I recently got a brand new Dragon Quest V for $30 at K Mart.

Sailor Moon La Luna Splende
My friend actually pointed this one out to me. It is a 2-D action game starring the Sailor Scouts that came out last month. Now for the strange only released in Italy. From my understanding the rest of Europe has too much red tape about licensing issues to work around, so only Italy is getting this game as for now. Anime is very popular in Italy, so it makes sense, but for American fans, all I can say is good luck getting a copy for a cheap price. Sailor Moon La Luna Splende is already going for over double it's retail price on eBay in the US. This rarity will surely be worth plenty of cash to collectors in a few years as game releases don't get much more obscure than Italian only. 

Other Games to Watch for:
  • Tetris DS
  • Hotel Dusk (European Release)
  • Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland (European Release)
  • Game and Watch Collections (Club Nintendo only)
  • Electroplankton 

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shellshock said...

Regarding Sailor Moon, according to "You may be wondering why there’s suddenly a new Sailor Moon game since the anime went off the air years ago, and in Italy of all places. Last year, the show began running again in Italy, which also spawned some new toys and merchandise. It looks like interest was high enough to warrant a new game, which is great for Sailor Moon fans!"