Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Screenshot 25: Sentimental Shooting

Sentimental Shooting (Windows 95/98) While 2001

Sentimental Shooting is a vertical scrolling shmup where the objective is to not only dodge enemy fire and destroy bosses, but to also shoot off the girl's clothing in the background. I'm not sure of the exact origins of this game, but it looks like a late 90s doujin effort. The main draw in this game is the ability to shoot off a girl's clothing revealing nudity and unlocking her pic for the CG gallery, the catch...the levels are very hard. Just because this is a hentai game, doesn't mean the enemies take it easy on you, in fact this is one of the hardest doujin shooters I have ever played. Many times even if you manage to beat the level and defeat the boss, you will not unlock the girl's CG simply because of the overwhelming amount of enemy fire on screen that distracts the player from shredding the clothing. Sentimental Shooting is a fun and sorta perverted way to waste a few hours on your PC. If you like modern danmakus from Cave and G Rev or weird games, then you can't go wrong tracking this one down.

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