Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Screenshot 24: Pocket Fighter

Pocket Fighter (PSX) Capcom 1998

From their success with Super Puzzle Fighter II, Capcom launched Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. This cute little fighting game took various fighters from the Capcom universe and squished them down into bite size proportions. Iconic characters like Ryu and Chun Li make the obvious appearance, but players also get more obscure characters like Tessa from the arcade only, Red Earth. Each fighter can transform into other characters during combos, in the picture Chun Li turns into a cheerleader before turning into Jill from Resident Evil to finish the attack sequence. Another noteworthy addition is the huge number of cameos in stage backgrounds, in the screen shot, you can see the veggie guy from Breath of Fire 3( I loved that guy.) The game is goofy and comical, but the fighting system works just as well as any Street Fighter title, but the simple button layout makes this one friendly for rookies and children as well. When Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix left Japan, it was retitled Pocket Fighter. It never received a sequel, but a few years ago, the game was re-released as a part of the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. If you love chibi characters or Capcom fighters, then you need to track this game down.

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