Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grownlanser IV is coming to the US!

Rejoice Growlanser fans, Atlus has answered your prayers. After trolling fans with their hint game, and even trolling with the release of Gungnir (ugh), Atlus got trolled themselves by a leak from internet retailers. Listings post the PSP port for a July 24, 2012 release. It will also be on the Playstation Network for the PS Vita owners. I am very happy that Atlus is giving this super Japanese RPG series another shot in the US, especially since Growlanser IV is considered the pinnacle of the franchise. I just hope the game doesn't get canceled...July 2012 is a really late release date for a PSP game.


acheter r4i said...

Growlanser IV, Its a great news. I am big fan of growlanser games. Atlas has given us a great news about its launching in US. I am waiting for this.

Davey D said...

I've very excited for this one. Growlanser is my favorite RPG series of all time.