Thursday, January 12, 2012

StreetPass Nonsense: Dead or Alive Dimensions Edition

Dead or Alive Dimensions and the 3DS StreetPass makes collecting every costume for every character a nightmare. Each character has three DLC costumes that are free, but must be downloaded on a specific day at a random time only known by Nintendo and Tecmo. Each day one costume is released for 3DS owners that leave their system on all day. Here are the rotation dates for new costumes:
12/08/11 to 01/10/12
01/12/12 to 02/14/12
02/16/12 to 03/20/12
03/22/12 to 04/24/12
The dates go through each character on the roster in order, but if you miss a day, you have to calculate which day it was in the rotation and wait for the next cycle. Yes, it is completely stupid. I'm not sure why Tecmo couldn't simply release the costumes in a week period, or all at once for that matter. Making matters even worse is the randomness of the time, if you don't have your 3DS on at the right time, then no DLC for you. Overall, this is an annoying process for completing your costume collection and should have been an unlockable package for beating the Chronicles mode. Somehow Nintendo makes DLC a complete pain even when the price is FREE.

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