Thursday, January 12, 2012

Steve Jobs the Action Figure

China is such a wacky, law-circumventing place. Companies there will literally make and sell anything, copyrights be damned. Recently, a company known as Inicons has publicized and started selling a Steve Jobs action figure for $99.99. The figurine looks amazingly life-like, almost to a creepy degree. Jobs is wearing his trademark black sweater, blue jeans, and tennis shoes; the only thing not included are mini-Apple products for him to present to your other action figures. According to Inicons, removing the mini-Apple products from the packaging keeps the figure in legal territory and allows the product to be sold. However, Apple disagrees stating that Job's family owns all rights to his likeness and it cannot be used without their permission.
Personally, I find the figure to be a neat tribute. I love Apple products and think of Steve Jobs as one of the greatest computer innovators and visionaries in American history. I do respect that his family may not want some unauthorized company in China profiteering off of Job's death, and believe they have every right to seek legal action, but my inner fanboy does want one, because Inicons did a great job on the likeness. At first glance I thought it was a new Hot Toys collectible. Supposedly production has been stopped for the time being due to the legal actions of Apple. If you want one, and missed the pre-order window, try eBay.
Don't stare back, you will feel really uncomfortable!

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