Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Photos from My Game Collection

Out of sheer boredom tonight, I decided to take some pictures of my game collection. I do not have a massive collection, but I still have some cool shit that is worth mentioning. I may do this again sometime as I actually enjoyed taking these pictures.

Here is Momohime from Muramasa. She is ready to kick ass.

The NES shelf is fiercely guarded by Mega Man. The DVD case comes from the Super Mario Special Collection.

This is a weird 99 in1 Famiclone portable I picked up overseas.

A few of my favorite imports from the 32-bit era. Super Tempo costs way too much these days!

I am a big fan of game art books. These are two of my favorites.

Capcom art books fill my collection, the Mega Man: Official Complete Works stands out for the amount of translation work done by Udon. Bravo to those guys, this book rocks.

Here is my art book shelf. I also have Langrisser displayed there because I love the game's cover. A Rockman 10 box is also on display.

Chrono Trigger for the Super of my favorite games.

Finally, here is the Dreamcast shelf. It is guarded by my favorite ninja, Ibuki. Yes...she is even guarding Seaman.

1 comment:

The Hunter said...

Greetings my good sir,

That is quite an amusing collection you show there. How did I land here? I saw the MM Artbook in a thumbnail.

I'm interested by the megaman action figure you have. could you tell me as to where you might have purchased it from? I'm looking for Zero.
I have with me all MMX Titles on PSX and PC. I've got the Megaman X official artbook as well. Next in line is the Megaman artbook.
Big Fan!