Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Screenshot 05: Bible Adventures

Bible Adventures (NES) Wisdom Tree 1991

Crap publisher, Wisdom Tree, was born from the ashes of Color Dreams, a company famous for making extremely poor, unlicensed games for the Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Wisdom Tree took this awful formula and applied it to games based on Christianity, most likely in an effort to exploit unknowing church goers looking for wholesome toys for their kids. Bible Adventures takes your favorite stories from the holy book, and defiles them ( one mini-game involves throwing around baby Moses like a football.) In the screen shot, Noah is grabbing animals for the ark in the most stupid way possible. This game is pure shit, but collectors will pay plenty for mint Wisdom Tree "classics". Unless you are a collector, my advice is to avoid this game at all cost. Bible Adventures is so bad, playing it may turn you to Atheism.

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Allen smithee said...

Holy Crap! I played that thing for God only know how many hours, only ever could beat the Noah game. Ah yes, childhood in a very Christian home, games might have sucked but lots of hugs. :)