Friday, February 11, 2011

Top Ten Games of 2010

It is kinda late being Feb. 11 and all, but I want to do my rundown of the best games of 2010. I played a shit ton of new releases last year so I feel somewhat qualified to make this list. I am also including honorable mentions for a few that didn't quite make the list. The number assigned indicates each game's rank on the list (i.e., number one is best.) Without further ado, here we go...

10. Deadly Premonition This game came out of nowhere, and stole many jaded 360 owner's hearts. I loved the story and all the weirdness. It is a budget title so there is no reason not to own this cool sandbox horror title.

9. Deathsmiles While this game technically came out in 2009, the US release didn't happen till last year. The goth girl theme is unique, and the music is fantastic. It is a must play for oldschool shooter fans.

8. Ys Seven I never cared for the Ys series till I played this little PSP gem. The game is a refreshingly fun take on the action RPG genre. The battles are so fun that this one becomes hard to put down; my PSP game of the year.

7. Super Mario Galaxy 2 I didn't care much for the first Mario Galaxy, which is strange, because I loved the sequel. The planets were so imaginative, and the game really felt like the first perfect 3-D Mario experience. Thank you Miyamoto-san, you continue to impress me.

6. Bayonetta Platinum games really knows how to make a great game. Bayonetta oozes style and sexiness putting Dante to shame. I loved the action, setpieces, and the nice little homages to oldschool Sega titles like Afterburner. I hope this lady gets a sequel.

5. Heavy Rain The Playstation 3 doesn't get many great exclusive, but this one is a masterpiece. It has elements of horror and drama that stay with you long after the game is complete, and the characters look beautiful. Too bad all the DLC got canned to make way for Move support. Lame.

4. Fallout New Vegas This game caught alot of flack for having too many bugs. I only experience two non fatal bugs during about 40 hours of game play, so maybe I am alone in loving the new Fallout. The Vegas theme was really fun, and I loved the new party members. Boone was like a one man army!

3. Red Dead Redemption I am not a huge fan of cowboys, so it surprised me how drawn into this world I became. I really felt attached to Marston, and hoped the best for him. The twist this story takes at the end blew me away... truly one of the best game endings of all time!

2. Super Street Fighter 4 I am a huge fan of Street Fighter in general, so it is not a surprise that this almost tops my list. It is basically a very polished version of SF 4, but there is nothing wrong with that. Plus I can play as Dudley let's fight like gentlemen.

1. Mass Effect 2 I love science fiction. The Mass Effect series takes the best of Star Trek, and everything else I love in space opera stories and creates a masterpiece with each game. This wonderful sequel has great new team members, fascinating new worlds, and an awesome storyline. This is my game of the year.

Honorable Mentions

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Pokemon Black and White

Super Scribblenauts

BlazBlue C.T.

Sin and Punishment 2

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