Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deathsmiles Patch is Out

Being the nice guys that they are, Aksys has released a patch for Deathsmiles today. This patch is supposed to fix the problems that people have been complaining about like the lack of slowdown in some areas of the game. Here is the information from Aksys's page:

There's a patch out for Deathsmiles! It releases today, and allows Deathsmiles to run at optimal capacity. It fixes several key issues, including a de-sync problem that prevented players from viewing their level replays properly. It also adjust the slowdown on several levels. Game on!

Even though I will be playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 today, it is still nice to know this game was fixed for the naysayers. Thank you for your dedication Aksys!

Now release Deathsmiles 2!

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