Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Region Free Japanese 360 Exclusives

I have noticed there is a no list on the net concerning Xbox 360's region free Japanese exclusives. While many US games are region free, Japan likes to region lock it's titles. I am not sure of why they do this, but it sure keeps us "gaijins" in the dark on some of their more obscure titles that never get released anywhere else ( I am talking to you Gal Gun.) Without further ado here is a list I have compiled (feel free to message me if I am excluding a few):

- Mushihime Futari ( CAVE shooter game, popular with manic stg fans)

- ESPgaluda 2 ( CAVE shooter game, only the regular edition of the game is region free)

- Virtual-On Force ( Sega's fourth game in their slick robot fighter series)

- Muchi Muchi Pork/Pink Sweets ( CAVE shooter, two games for the price of one)

- Eschatos (shooter game, packed with two Wonderswan stg hits)

Japanese demos have no region protection as long as you make a XBLA account for Japan. Here is a list of fun demos that are Japanese only:

- Catherine (weird but fun puzzle game with sexual overtones)

- Gal Gun (shoot a love gun to capture school girl's hearts, shoot enough and you can enter fantasy mode)

- Zegapain XOR (mech action game from 2006)

I hope Catherine gets picked up by Atlus for distribution here. The demo is great. In the meantime pre-order Eschatos, they deserve our cash for including the super rare, Judgement Silversword as a bonus.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I got little confused by the presentation, do you mean those titles are region free? What interests me most here is catherine, especially as words are out that no NA/EU versions are planned.