Monday, February 8, 2010

Games That Need to Be Made: Cowboy Bebop

This is a new blog post idea I want to start doing regularly: games that need to get made (or sequels that need to be made.) Cowboy Bebop, for those not in the know, is a hit series anime starring bounty hunters that want to get rich and kick ass along the way. The series had some of the most memorable characters ever. The action, story pacing, and drama all fit perfectly into each episode of the show. Only 26 episodes and a feature film were made, but any true fan wanted it to go beyond this.The cover looks good, but do not trust it!

A weak Playstation import game was created early on. The game featured the main character flying his ship, The Swordfish, in shitty Ace Combat type gameplay. Thankfully this turd stayed in Japan. A second Cowboy Bebop game appeared on PS2. It featured an original story and focused on 3-D action gameplay. The game was announced for US localization, but due to the game sucking pretty hard it never happened. I bought the limited edition import box set of it, and I still regret that decision. Why can't an anime of such a legendary status receive a better video game? Here are some ideas for a better Cowboy Bebop and for argument's sake on PS3 and the 360:
  • Spike should fight swiftly and skillfully like Law from Tekken. In gunfights, the game should play like Mass Effect with guns and ammo being selectable easily with taking cover also playing a vital role in combat situations.
  • The graphics should be cel shaded using a high quality engine such as Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. It should look as close to the anime as possible.
  • The story could be original, but I think fans would rather replay classic episodes. Who wouldn't want to fight Vicious in the chapel or shoot Rat gangsters in a space casino? As a bonus, beating the story mode could open an additional stage where you could play through the movie's plot as well.
  • Each of the main characters should have an ability. Spike should be fighting with Jeet Kune Do. Faye should have flying sections. Edward's ability would be hacking...once again something like Mass Effect. Jet can fight and use detective skills in certain situations. For fun, mini games are available for the dog, Ein.
  • The soundtrack has to be done by Yoko Kanno. Period.
These are all ideas I think would contribute toward being a badass game. Give the job to someone like Namco, Konami, or Capcom, I am sure they could make it really nice. I have a bad feeling we will get a new Cowboy Bebop game that sucks if this Keaneau Reeves as Spike bullshit I have been hearing is true. If Hollywood can fuck up Street Fighter the movie they will almost certainly mess up Cowboy Bebop the live action film. I hope my predictions are not going to become reality.God help us all.

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