Saturday, February 27, 2010

Games That Need to Be Made: A New Golgo 13

Golgo 13 has a long running history in Japan and the US. From live action movies to comics to anime to various retro games, he has done it all. Golgo 13 aka Duke Togo is a James Bond type guy that works in the field of assassination. His past and identity are a mystery but none of that matters since he is a such a badass. Duke Togo does three things well: Making impossible sniper shots, hand to hand combat, and sleeping with every hot woman he meets.
Golgo 13 appeared on NES in two gritty, adult oriented titles. The first simply titled Golgo 13 is a pretty sweet side scroller/ maze game/ sniper game/ adventure game. The 3-D sections are confusing as hell, but overall the game is pretty cool in short bursts. The second game is the Mafat Conspiracy. It is very similar to the first game but the combat is a little worse and the game is overall more difficult. Both are not bad games, and can be found pretty cheaply as well. On a side note, if you want to see a sex scene on your 8-bit system you should check these games is pretty hilarious and awesome.
Duke has also appeared in some obscure arcade games and some DS novel titles. If anyone has seen the Golgo 13 anime or manga, you have to wonder though: why do we not have a modern Golgo 13 action game? Duke's cool style and insane enemies would make for a perfect Metal Gear Solid type game. Golgo 13 deserves better than a DS "interactive novel."

Elements that would create an incredible Golgo 13 game:
  • Cool sniper missions like the stories from the comics, ex. shooting from a impossible distance to hit a moving airplane or shooting through a sign to reach a target in another building
  • Metal Gear Solid like boss fights featuring infamous madmen like Silver and Gold from the first Golgo 13 anime
  • Extracting information from ladies means possible
  • Stealth could also play an interesting part
I maybe one of the few Golgo 13 fans in the US, but I am sure people would buy this game with word of mouth. I see so many bad licensed games published like Avatar and wish someone would give something a little more obscure a shot. With a decent budget, Golgo 13 could make for an amazing game. Although to be made properly the game would have to be rated Adults Only. Duke Togo's typical ultra violent attacks and sexual escapades would make Grand Theft Auto look like Tickle Me Elmo.

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