Friday, February 5, 2010

Thrift Store Adventures

Today I went to the local thrift stores to look around. I do not venture there often, but after today I`m thinking I should start. I found some really cool stuff...

Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land is a little known Sega Genesis game by Wisdom Tree. It is an unlicensed cart starring everyone's favorite water parting hero, Moses. The game sucks honestly, but it worth a little money since it is rare...also you don't get much more strange than a Bible themed game with church trivia as a bonus round. The AVGN had plenty to say about this one.I found a NES Powerglove. The glove looks rad and totally reminds me of "The Wizard". I think it is missing some sensors though and I really do not even know how to use it. I love the retro look of it however, and for collection purposes it was a good find I think.My second find of the day was a copy of Super Magnetic Neo for Dreamcast. I played the demo back in the day and remember it being a pretty slick platformer. Sadly there was only a disc without a case, but I will live. I can't wait to try this one out later.

Another game I picked up was Under a Killing Moon. The game is a 90's adveture game for PC. The game is supposed to be a FMV game; but I won't hold that against it. I got it for 99 cents, so I won't complain at all (unless it doesn't work.)

Another sweet game I picked up was Super R Type for the SNES. The game was never one I got a chance to play as a kid, so I am pretty excited to add it to my shooter collection. The cartridge art looks impressive as well.

My last pick up wasn't game related, but it is still nice rarity wise; it happened to be a VHS copy of the long out of print, Tetsuo 2 Body Hammer. It is a famous neo punk film from Japan that saw limited release here in the states. This movie is pretty obscure, so it was insanely neat to find it buried among movies like Driving Miss Daisy and Apoll0 13 :-p.I love Japanese cinema.

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