Friday, February 12, 2010

My Wii Died

Last night I noticed my Wii was not lit at all. When I went to power the system, it was dead. I tried unplugging it and putting the plug into a new socket but nothing worked. I researched a little on Google and found that the Wii seems to have a big problem with the power cable blowing a fuse. Some compared the problem to the is just easier to fix and a little less common.

I am going to Gamestop later to see if a new cord fixes the system's power issue. I really hope it does, because I am sure Nintendo charges out the ass for repair services. I do not want to lose all my downloads on WiiWare as well. I am pretty frustrated with this since I just got the Wii two months ago. I guess I should have got the "extended warranty."

Anyone else ever had this issue?

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