Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Retro ReMakes

New Super Mario Bros, Bionic Commando, and Mega Man 9's rather unprecedented success seems to have spurred an interest in creating retro games on modern systems. Sega has commissioned Dimps to make Sonic 4. Capcom is quickly busting out the retro-tastic Mega Man 10. Even more obscure titles are getting in on the act like Rocket Knight.

I am all for this awesome resurgence if it is done right. Sonic 4 is going to be episodic, the rumor being four stages per entry. I think each Sonic game should be same contained. Why can't Sega ever make shit simple? One self contained game that sells well could spur the way for many sequels. Each "episode" better be truly outstanding.

Capcom is going for the same "NES" nostalgia with Mega Man 10. I wish they would go the SNES route graphics wise, or better yet high def 2-D. It is lazy of them to assume people don't want to see a new direction for the Mega Man series simply because Mega Man 9 sold well. Capcom needs to realize they will never make another Mega Man 2 again no matter how much they want to do so.

As much as I bitch, I will probably end up buying both of these games. Rocket Knight seems to be heading in a nice direction with a cool 3-D/2-D hybrid. The game play also looks much like the original game. I would have rather seen Sparkster get a new sequel; but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

Hopefully developers realize 2-D isn't dead, and people want to see the old classics updated.
Here is my sequel dream list:

Earthworm Jim 3
Dynamite Headdy 2
Gunstar Heroes 2
MegaMan X
Valis V

It would be incredible to see one of these games get a cool retro-style sequel. For older gamers this is a great time to be alive. I really can't wait to see the future for us if the new Sonic sells well. Even fans are getting in on the action. Check out this fan's progress on a re-done Metroid 2 at his site:

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