Thursday, February 25, 2010

RROD: The Tale of One Man Buying Multiple Faulty Consoles

My third Xbox 360 got the Red Ring of Death today. I have gotten power problems galore these days. My Wii's power cable died recently, my PS2 has been on the fritz, and now my 360 is taking a shit on me too. They do not make systems like they use to. My SNES still runs, and it is from 1992!

Everyone says to go with the Jasper chip 360, but it is sad to me that I have to find the "right" Xbox 360 or else I will have a higher chance of my system dying yet again. Microsoft really owes the world an apology. I love their games, but I am really considering just getting a PS3. The RROD problem is getting very old, and Sony seems to make better consoles.

I bought the launch 360 with a friend in 2006. We saw red light issues within the first week. Thankfully we sold it before the problem was well known. The next year I bought a new one. The system died the same year. In 2008 I finally conceded and bought one more Xbox system, the one I currently own. It lasted longest...almost two years. Pathetic.

Now I am faced with trying to send the system to Microsoft (the power cord is cracked), buying a new 360, or just selling my 360 games to fund a PS3 purchase. I am angry about the whole situation. Between the infamous blue screen of death and the RROD, Microsoft isn't exactly committed to quality assurance. To make matters worse my copy of Espgaluda 2 will be arriving soon. Thanks Bill Gates, you greedy, greedy man...I bet your 360 works.

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