Monday, March 28, 2011

Make Me Your Hardcore Gaming Voice at Kmart For E3 2011

E3 has been an event I have read about since I bought my first gaming magazine in 1995. It is almost like a mystical occurrence that only the best of the best can bear witness to and behold. As a passionate hardcore gamer for over twenty years, my dream has always been to attend E3 at least once before I kick the bucket. I would love to be one of the first gamers to get my hands on the new fighting games, wacky imports, and retro revivals on display at the show. It would be an incredible honor just to be in the same room as gaming legends like Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear), Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda), and Koji Igarashi (Castlevania). I would also love to extract any information from Capcom on Street Fighter vs. Tekken and the upcoming Mega Man Legends 3, Square Enix on Final Fantasy Versus 13, and Atlus on Catherine and Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP.
So why send me? I am very knowledgeable on gaming and would make a great voice for hardcore gamers and fighting game fans at E3 2011. When I heard about the contest on Destructoid, I was actually shocked that Kmart was having a video game related contest. However, when I went to Kmart's site and saw how active the gaming community was there, I was pleasantly surprised that the quality and content of game information was up to par with other major gaming sites. I was already aware of the great selection of games available at Kmart and the excellent pre-order bonuses, but finding a community of gamers dedicated to it was the icing on the cake. If I were selected to represent the community on, hardcore gamers (for my friends on the Hardcore Gaming 101 forums...yes my user name is Lee over there too), and my own blog's readership, I would not let anyone down by providing the best updates available, especially concerning fighting games and RPGs, my favorite genres.
I would love to go with the Kmart team to give the store and site more "street cred" with hardcore gamers. I'm sure my blogging skills could do that, and make Kmart the go to place for serious gaming fans during E3.
 An easier suggestion: pick me because there's smart...then there's Kmart smart! 


Angela said...

Good submission.....good luck!

Lee said...

Thank you!