Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Screenshot 20: Cyberbots

Cyberbots (Arcade, Saturn, PSX) Capcom 1995

Capcom made a ton of fighting games in the 90s. Many of their games were huge successes like Street Fighter 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom, but a few fell into the realms of obscurity. Cyberbots is one of those hidden gems that did poorly in arcades. The game features giant Gundam like robots battling it out across the Earth and in outer space. The graphics were quite stunning for the time, and the human pilots are interesting characters in the story mode (Princess Devilotte is hilarious.) Capcom released a barebones port to PSX, and a Saturn port that utilized the 1 Meg Cart to enhance the animation. The ports got a bonus character, Zero Gouki, a giant robot version of Akuma from the Street Fighter series. The ports are very basic in features without a training or survival mode. The game still holds up pretty well for the modern day if you have a second player, and works great on MAME if you don't like importing old titles. Cyberbots drowned in the wake of bigger fighting games during it's initial release, but it is well worth tracking down if you love 2-D games, Capcom, or giant robot anime.

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