Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random Screenshot 21: Melty Blood Actress Again

Melty Blood Actress Again (PS2) Sega (developed by Type Moon and French Bread) 2009

Few doujin titles ever get the mainstream spotlight. Tsukihime, an erotic doujin (fan-made) PC title about rival vampires, became such a big hit that it spawned an anime TV series and a fighting game, Melty Blood. The fighting game was originally a doujin PC game but it became wildly popular so the title was ported to Japanese arcades using the Naomi board and later to the Playstation 2. Eventually two sequels were produced. Melty Blood Actress Again is the most recent and up to date game in the series. The graphics look pretty ancient, and the animation is lacking, but the fights run very fast. The fighting engine is very well made, playing almost as well as the big games from Capcom and Sammy. The roster has plenty of clones in it, but wild characters like Nrvnqsr Chaos, a demon composed of several different monsters, will surely keep any player entertained for awhile. The game is available as a Japanese import only, and fairly expensive to acquire these days. You can find the previous games for PC more easily and at a cheaper cost. Melty Blood titles have become a regular at the top ranked fighting game competition in Japan, the Tougeki Super Battle Opera, and the EVO tournament in Las Vegas. This fact alone speaks to the level of quality of this fan-made series.

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